High School Global History 1 to 4-

WELCOME TO GLOBAL HISTORY 1, 2, & 3 (site is in progress).

  Welcome to Ms. Rubino's website for Global History students & their parents at FDR High School.  This website will be under constant construction.  A general description of each page is listed below.  There will be additions and subtractions  consistently.  


       Please review the "About Us" page on the main website- www.msrubinohistory.webs.com/ (type in address exactly).  This page is very informative for you as a parent.  You can learn about the History Curriculum as well as learn about Ms. Rubino.   Click on the link at right.  

      On that same site, please also review the "Student & Parent Resources" page. This page has direct links on the internet to aid your child with their homework.  It also may be a useful tool for you as a parent if you are feeling at your wits end with helping your child with their homework.  Many of the sites offer help in all subjects, not just History.  Additionally, there is a direct link to "ARIS", a place you can visit to see how your child's state test scores have been rated.  Soon we will also have a link to the 'SKEDULA' site where you will be able to view missing assignments, grades of tests, and upcoming project due dates.

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Homework Assignment general information & Project information


          HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS VARY SEMESTER TO SEMESTER. Usually, I will give 3-5 homework assignments each week.  I will accept late homework provided it is 100% complete and a test has not been given on the material.  If a test has already been given on the material, I will not accept a homework assignment for that unit.  Students must learn that their behavior has consequences.  I am also, always willing to have dialog with a parent about homework and the importance of completing homework on time. 

However, the 1st few homework assignments are the same for every semester.  For a continuing list of homework assignments please click on the link at the top of the page with the heading, 'H1 Homework assignments"


Weekly Current Event Summary on a Global Issue, due every Thursday.

 MP1-Homework assignments will be added daily.

HW1-- Take home Agreement, parent and student sign each item.  Return next day.

HW2-- Complete Personal Inventory, bring in a small websters dictionary.

HW3-- Complete Cause and Effect graphic organizer.

HW4-- Complete your intelligence pie chart.



 Current Events Semester Project 

Background: In addition to studying the past, as global citizens we should always stay aware of the issues affect the world in the present and the future. For this reason, your project this semester requires you to select a world issue and keep informed about news relating to it.

Task: Throughout this semester you will be completing current events article summaries.  Of the articles you summarize you must collect at least five newspaper or magazine articles relating to a world issue.

1. For each article you must:

a. Summarize the article (in at least two paragraphs).

b. Explain how the article relates to the topic you have chosen (at least one paragraph). 

2. In addition to the five articles, you must hand write an essay of at least two pages explaining the importance of the topic you have chosen.

3. Essays must be in proper essay form.

You may choose one of the following topics:

1. Russia’s military buildup and increasing hostility towards the Western world.

2. China’s rapid growth as an economic, diplomatic, and military power.

3. The rapid growth of Brazil as a hemispheric economic leader.

4. India’s rise as an economic power.

5. Diplomatic relations between North Korea and South Korea.

6. The Arab-Israeli conflict.

7. The increasingly authoritarian, and anti-Western, government of Venezuela.

8. The ongoing narcotics related violence in Mexico and its impact on the US Southern border.

9. The drug war in Mexico


1. All parts of your project must be typewritten and double-spaced.

2. You are to only use the font size 12, Times New Roman. Papers written in any other font size or style will not be accepted.

3. You are to include a copy of at least the first page of every article used in the project.

4. Failure to turn in a project will result in failure of the class

5. Plagiarism of any kind will result in a grade of zero and therefore failure of the class.

6. You must provide a bibliographical reference for every article used or cited.

Sources: You may only use legitimate magazines and newspapers as sources of articles. You may us the Internet as a source, as long as you use the website of a reputable magazine, newspaper, or otherwise legitimate source. Also, you may not use the New York Post or New York Daily News as a source, as they do not provide enough information on worldwide current events.

Project Grading:  50% your grade will come from the five articles summaries, and the other 50% will come from the essay.

Some legitimate sources of news are:

The New York Times   or  The Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal or  The Times of London

CNN  or  The Los Angeles Times

USA Today  or  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Christian Science Monitor (Don’t worry, this paper isn’t a religiously slanted paper, and it has a great international reputation for its secular articles.)

Newsweek   or  US News and World Report

Fox News  or  Sky News

Due Dates: FINAL DRAFT= End of the 2nd Marking period.

                  FINAL= End of 1st full week of the 3rd Marking period.

 Instructions on how to write a bibliography will be forthcoming.

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Content Notes

The content note link allows students to access all general academic notes given out in class.  While these notes cannot replace actual attendance, they are a great help to students.  Students can even copy, paste, and then print the notes prior to class!  The notes are listed based on the classroom 'Aim' to help students know where 

Alternative Assessment Projects


Semester Project- Your final assessment project will show what you know about History from the first unit of study to the last unit we study.   You will show your knowledge in the form of essays with pictures in a comprehensive booklet.   At the end of each Unit you will summarize key events and information based of a list of questions you choose (from a list I provide). At the end of each unit a draft of all the information you will be putting into your project is due.  You will bring this information to class 20 days prior to the end of the semester.  This is an alternative assessment for 2 tests per marking period (26 actual points) on each report card grade.   


Create a "My Space or Facebook" page for one of the main characters from 5 to 7 of the Units we discussed.  The subjects from the Units must interact with each other.

The "My Space or Facebook" page is to contain a picture of your subject with a biography written in the first person, a valid conversation about a political issue between your subject and another person from history, a list of 5 to 7 people you would consider might be friends with your subject, and finally a list of websites and resources you used to get the information. 

 The entire project is to be 22 inches long (short side length of a piece of ottag), and either 8 and a half or 14 inches wide.    The biography area is to be half the width of the project. The friends section is to be 6 to 8 inches high.  The citation area is to be at the bottom right only 6inches long by 3 to 4 inches high.


Create a Dinner Party on Oat-tag.  Final project is worth a test grade.  This project grade will replace your lowest grade for the 3rd marking period.  You will use the My Space Page information to create your dinner party.

Your subjects from your My Space/Facebook Page project will have a dinner party.  He/she will invite 3 to 7 seven friends to this party with his wife (if he has one).  Your dinner party project will be a success providing you supply the following: A proper menu for dinner, a list of the guests, and a dialog between guests on 1 prominent issue from today and 1 prominent issue that still exists from the time your subject was in office.  

Requirements: You will create a menu for the evening, the menu will be based on various dinner parties your subject or others like him have already had.   You will have a list of guests with their seating arrangements, as well as a picture of a dinner party where you put the pictures of the guests at each seat according to your seating chart.  You will need to pick out 2 topics for discussion over dinner.  One topic needs to be of importance to our current political environment while the second topic needs to be one that has been in existence since that President was in office. 


You can  find pictures of this project from other students in the project photos section of the main site http://www.msrubinohistory.webs.com/